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Choices of Property for Sale by Owner and Sales Agent for Private House Sales

Do you have a property that you want to sell You can sell it through sales agent or through private house sales. Both of these will definitely give you enough exposure to get clients buying your property. However, you need to know all the pros and cons so it will guide you what options to take.

For sales of property through sales agents you will have the following pros and cons

• Sales agents require considerable amount of commission compared to private house sales. This is because sales agents or brokers are usually licensed to qualify as property brokers. This means that they have gone all the way to become professional agents sell properties and they have such level of expertise.
• Compared to for sale by owner, sales agent has lot of networks and connection, which will expose your property.
• Sales agents are hardworking individual because their aim is to sell your property.

• Sales agents have high commission. For an individual who wants to sell property, it would mean setting aside high percentage from the selling price of the property.
• The owner can do what the agent can do to sell the property. It just needs enough exposure of the property for sale by owner.
• Sales agents may not know much about the property that you are too familiar with. After all, it is your property.
• Sales agents may not be there when the buyer will have complains about the property sold. Sales agents are good as selling the property only. Some unethical sales agents would even give sales pitches that are not real. When the deal is closed and there seemed to be a promise of the agent that is not fulfilled, it is possible that the buyer will run to the owner of the property to express the complaints.

If you think having sales agent will not work for you, then you need to have private house sales. This is good as for sale by owner, without intervention of sales agents. Here are the pros and cons of properties for sales by owner.

• The owner will have full control of the private house sales. The owners can make ways to expose the sales on their own and it will be their discretion to stop the sale. In other words, they will not be bounded by any contract.
• For sales by owners will save considerable amount of money from commission. The owner will not be obliged to impart a percentage of the selling price for commission of a middleman.
• The owner will have control on the information given to the buyer. It s possible that the owner will not give too much sales pitch just to sell the property.

• The owner will have no enough networks of buyers.
• The owner may not have enough time to advertise the sale.
• The owner may not have enough expertise in dealing with property sale or private house sales.

When you find that it is more beneficial for you to sell privately rather than through sales agent, you just need enough exposure for the sale. This means utilizing the Internet and other medium for advertisement. There may even be guides from the advertisers of private house sales that you can get to know how to sell your property well.